August passes


Apples in the garden


August is, as usual, passing in a flurry of Fringe show sessions, writing, plans for the Book Festival and work (an afterthought). Today we have a sneak preview of autumn as far as the weather is concerned, and I can just see the rowan berries on my tree at the far end of the garden, and the laden apple branches blowing in the wind. It’s always satisfying to see all the apples, even although many of them will fall off and be eaten by wasps before they’re ready to pick. I’m always over-excited if I get an edible apple off the small Cox’s Orange Pippin tree that my brother once told me would never fruit this far north.

This sounds as if I’m an enthusiastic gardener, which is far from the case these days. I’m a keen viewer of the garden from inside the conservatory, though!

This will be the first weekend for a while that I’ve been able to spend doing absolutely nothing, which in my case usually means reading as many new novels as I can cram on to an already overloaded Kindle, writing more of my work in progress than I thought it was possible to write in one day, and doing as much housework as I feel like. The last of these ranges from none to as little as I can get away with.

The word count for ‘The Four Seasons Quest’ is building up inexorably. My aim is to finish the first draft by the end of August. My research into Lyons tea rooms took an unexpected turn that meant I spent some of last week reading about the Lyons computer, Leo, and trying to find a way of incorporating it into the plot. There is a sort of sixth-hand personal connection here which I won’t bore you with at the moment – maybe later!

Rowan berries

Rowan berries


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