Oh, no, it’s another lost weekend

I’m sure I’ve had a lost weekend before on this blog. I certainly have in real life, what with one thing and another.  However, I don’t always take so long to catch up with myself afterwards.

First there was the craft fair last Saturday. It was of course an anti-climax after all the preparations, but fortunately years of serving on parent-teacher and community centre committees mean I’m quite used to anti-climax when it comes to events involving members of the public! There were some positive aspects to it, and I will focus on these instead of castigating the OAPs of the area for not turning up in droves.

at the craft fair

At the Craft Fair

As this was the first time I had attempted to sell my novels face-to-face, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my stall actually looked quite good once it was set up. The printed novels compared favourably with other people’s crafts.  I now have a stock of paperback copies of my books and some promotional pens that are so nice I am only going to give them to work colleagues on special occasions, and not just because they beg for one. There are also other promotional materials.  I’m pleased I’ve got them and won’t have to go to any huge effort to stock another stall somewhere.

I also plan to start a Goodreads giveaway of a couple of the paperbacks as soon as I have a minute – this may be further in the future than I would like but it will happen eventually. I haven’t previously been able to find my way around Goodreads but I am hoping the giveaway will give me the impetus to do this!

The craft fair took up all day on Saturday, and being knocked out unexpectedly by a random summer flu type bug took up Sunday (and most of Monday, for that matter). One minute, early on Sunday morning, I had sat down with my feet up, thinking I would read for a while before doing a bit of gardening; the next minute I found myself thinking I’d better lie down; the next minute, or so it seemed, I was trying to haul myself out of bed to do something about an evening meal.

Needless to say I imagined I had been struck not just by a transient flu type bug but by a life-threatening disease, so as soon as I could sit at the computer again I was to be found googling symptoms for all the illnesses and conditions I had come across while compiling my family tree. It was only when I spoke to one of my work colleagues I realised she had experienced almost identical symptoms on the same day as me.

The only reason it has taken me until now to recover fully is that I struggled back to work on Tuesday and spent the rest of the week (a) in wall-to-wall meetings and (b) assisting with props for our Fringe show. Fortunately on this occasion there is only a sparse covering of props on the table.

The props table

The props table

Annoyingly but typically, I am now back on a roll with writing the rest of ‘A Four Seasons Quest’, and I’ve been cramming little writing sessions into odd moments. These are interspersed with trying to conduct research into tiny little details of the 1950s that have suddenly assumed huge importance. Did the trains run from London to Scotland as normal during the substantial snowstorm of late March 1952? Where did students at Glasgow University live while studying? Was there a Lyons tea-room anywhere near King’s Cross station? (no to the last question, as far as I can tell)

By the way, these aren’t just rhetorical questions so if you happen to know the answer to any of them please do let me know!


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