A season of two parts

I have the feeling that today marks the dividing line between two parts of summer.  Not just in terms of the weather, which has gone from amazingly hot and sticky to the usual cool with either random or constant torrential downpours depending on how long some weather front gets stuck above us. The weather just confirms that there will be no more leisurely lounging about in the conservatory with forays into the garden, where I can sit under the trees if it gets too hot. The next few weeks will be just work, work, work. 

By ‘work’ I don’t exactly mean my paid work, which is coincidentally also looking as if it will be extremely busy as our team will be cut down to half its normal size during the first half of August.

Back in the mists of time, or round about May 2013, I agreed to take part in a craft fair where I would attempt to sell my books. Of course at that point I thought August was too far in the future to worry about.  Now that it’s imminent, I’ve had to get organised to do it, and naturally I’m now starting to panic that my preparations are inadequate, that I’ve got not enough or too many books, the wrong kind of leaflets, not enough promotional pens… There are so many possible pitfalls!

The biggest pitfall is the timing of the craft fair, which coincides with the first night of my theatre group’s Fringe show.  This doesn’t just mean that instead of helping at the first night I will be lying in a heap somewhere, swearing never to do another craft fair again, but that even on the day of the Fair I will feel like lying in a heap somewhere, swearing never to help with another Fringe show again because I’ll be worn out by the week of move-in and rehearsals.

(I hope there will be pictures of the craft fair to follow next week but I’m having trouble with my image files at the moment so you may have to use your imaginations!)

craft fair trial

Craft Fair trial

ps have conquered image upload so here’s my trial run at home!


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