What I’m going to do in my holidays

I’m poised at the start of a long-awaited week’s holiday with the problem of keeping my expectations realistic. I think I can safely say that I won’t be cleaning the whole house from top to bottom, cutting swathes through the overgrown shrubs in the garden or even re-arranging my wardrobe into winter and summer sections now that winter has been over for a little while. I do have high hopes of finishing the long-drawn-out edit of ‘The Queen of Scots Mystery’, which indeed does seem to be almost complete at last. The only thing that might get in the way of that is the self-imposed (aren’t they all?) task of converting my musical play ‘Blackberry Crumble’ into a short story which I am hoping will be suitable for an anthology to be published later in the year.

Well, when I say that’s the only thing that might get in the way of finishing ‘The Queen of Scots Mystery’, of course I’m exaggerating wildly. On Monday we will be going away on our actual holiday, a trip to Loch Tay (http://www.lochtay-vacations.co.uk/).I find it impossible to predict how long I will actually spend writing when I’m in a different place with fewer domestic distractions. For some reason it’s definitely harder to write something new under these conditions, but I’m hoping that as long as I can schedule in some editing time, I’ll be able to carry on with the two projects mentioned above. If I could bring myself to leave my Kindle at home, of course, it would be very much easier not to spend every spare moment reading! But as part of the reason for getting a Kindle in the first place was so that I wouldn’t run out of books to read on holiday, that would be a bit too contrary even for me.

Meanwhile our youngest cat, Jacques, has just had a birthday. Because of the warmer weather he has been out almost all day wearing himself out, so he’s uncharacteristically still in the picture below.

Jacques the cat

Jacques is quiet


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