Here comes summer! (or maybe it has just been and gone)

We had summer here last weekend – see painfully blue sky in previous post. My son and I ventured down to the beach at Cramond, where it was breezy, smelled of the sea and was so packed with people that we had to drive round the car park very slowly a couple of times to get parked.

Cramond beach

Cramond beach

I then got carried away and booked a holiday, and since then the weather has gone downhill fast, although I suppose it could be worse. We’ve only had the central heating on a few times during the week, and today the sun is out intermittently. Tomorrow I’m going to Gullane, also on the coast, for a walk and lunch. There’s a lovely beach there, but I am always haunted by memories of the time my sister-in-law and I walked too far in the sand dunes, got lost and had to climb over a fence and make our way through a building site before we found a way back to our cars.

Today I hoped to get on with possibly my final edits for my latest mystery novel, but so far the time has been moving so quickly and I’ve been moving so slowly that I have only managed to collect a parcel and go shopping for food, and it’s already halfway through the afternoon. The long-awaited arrival of summer can do that to you.

The parcel, incidentally, contained my printed copy of ‘The Queen of Scots Mystery’ for reading through to try and spot plot issues – I know there are some, but I can’t quite pinpoint what they are – and five copies of ‘Reunited in Death’ which I will offer for sale at a craft fair soon. More about that later – I have also been getting carried away on the Vistaprint site ordering ‘Cecilia Peartree – Woman of Mystery’ stationery for the occasion. The main problem with that is that I don’t want to give away any of my promotional pens and sticky-notes as they are so elegant!

Book cover

Temporary cover for ‘The Queen of Scots Mystery’


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