All the flowers come out at once



After a long, long winter everything in the garden has sprung to life at once, so I have wallflowers that should have come out in the early spring vying for position with bluebells and lilac that don’t usually appear until May, and apple blossom which is a little late – but much bigger than expected.

Apple blossom

Apple blossom

I suppose I could see this as one big metaphor for the way I sometimes spend months (usually but not always the winter months) doing practically nothing before indulging in a big splurge of various activities all at the same time. It does happen sometimes. This past week I’ve been dividing my time more or less equally between work, sleep and helping back-stage at the theatre, while feeling guilty about not even looking at the novel I’m theoretically in the middle of editing. Even now that my dramatic commitment has finished for the time being, I am having trouble getting round to the edits. Somehow I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking I need to set aside an uninterrupted amount of time for them, whereas I know from experience that the way to get through them is to fit them into spare moments here and there.

What I need to do is to shake off the ridiculous idea that because it’s sunny this weekend, which is in itself a miracle, I should be out in the garden getting rid of the dandelions that I left there deliberately to use in the play and then discovered weren’t needed after all (don’t ask). And I have to squash the even more fantastically ludicrous feeling that I should be cleaning all the surfaces in the house on which dust is now horribly apparent in the strong sunlight. Editing my novel is far more important than doing any of these other mundane tasks. I think I’ve almost convinced myself…





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