How to get something different done

This weekend I had a sudden and almost irresistible urge to get on with editing my work in progress. Normally this would be a good thing – especially on a very wet Saturday when it was madness to go outside – but on this particular weekend I just had too much else to do. I suspect these two things are very closely connected. Either I didn’t really want to edit my novel at all so my mind told me I did while actually knowing I wouldn’t have time so it was safe to have that urge, or because I didn’t want to do any of the other things so I invented something useful I would rather be doing instead of being honest with myself about being too lazy to do anything.

This all seems a bit over-complicated and I could drive myself mad just thinking about it. The time would be better spent cutting up aluminium foil into strips or making paper aeroplanes or even doing some of the housework I didn’t have time to do on Saturday.  Regular readers of this blog will know that the last of these is extremely unlikely. The other two are both essential prop-related activities. The good news on that front is that the rest of the props are now in the theatre with the exception of a banner saying ‘Knox Rocks’ which I’m hoping nobody sees in my car tomorrow, and a dandelion which I must remember to collect from the garden in the morning. I’ve been holding back on the weeding for some time to allow enough dandelions to grow, and I think I can say I’ve been rather successful in this.

Although some weird stuff is involved in this show, this isn’t the worst (i.e. most challenging) one we’ve ever done as far as props are concerned, and to prove it I will end with a few pictures I took in our props room earlier today.  Some men are due to be doing work on the ceiling while we’re away at the theatre, and we took the pictures as evidence in case they damage anything.

Props room record 1

Don’t do it, Mr Spinalzo!

Props room record 2

Weird stuff shelf

Props room record 3

Wall of weapons


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