Must keep focussed… hey, a locust!

I’m having a lot of trouble staying focussed on writing the first draft of my latest mystery novel, which is slightly worrying in case it means readers will have a similar problem with it. Of course I have the ‘excuse’ that I’m not used to writing a novel in April, although that’s not exactly watertight. Apart from having my birthday in it, April is one of the quieter months of the year as far as distractions are concerned, and I got off to a flying start with this novel too. Anyway, I’ve reached 40,000 words so I will definitely get it finished now, even if I have to go back later and put some more gripping scenes in it to keep people spellbound.

In a way I’m a Kindle victim as I have been reading approximately a novel a day for weeks now and although I intended to stop while I was writing, this hasn’t happened. So I am probably getting too many stimuli from different kinds of fiction. There is also a lot going on at work, and in fact I have to go to Birmingham on Monday. I will conscientiously take my netbook with me and try to keep up with the word count, but that may turn out to be impossible with all the PEOPLE around! On the other hand, it may give me a bit of a kick-start, especially if I come across any different ways of murdering my hapless characters.

I suppose I’d better explain the heading for this post. It’s a little snatch from a song my son and I once wrote for a children’s pantomime (‘Treasure Island Reloaded’). The song started with ‘Sailors jigging on the rigging’ and got rapidly worse as you can probably tell from the locust reference.


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