Quick drive-by report

This will be even quicker than last week’s report on how my latest novel is going. I feel quite conscience-stricken as I have now consigned another long-standing character to a hospital bed (and not for the first time in the series either). However this news is eclipsed by the fact that I’ve had my ‘escape to the cattery’ moment – not sure yet if it will be the only one in this novel or whether I will need the ‘time-travelling doughnut’ device mentioned last week too. It’s nice to know the magic still works. I am never quite sure until it happens.

In other news, the nextdoor neighbour stopped her car on Thursday to apologise for the fact that she hadn’t cleared up the dead pigeon in the car park behind both our houses (she’s nice like that!) and I broke into fawning apologies for the fact that my cat had to be the chief murder suspect. When I got out of my car a few minutes later, I found a row of pigeons glaring at me from the fence. It was almost like a scene from ‘The Birds’ – but not quite. Assuming Jacques was indeed the killer, of which I’m not at all sure as the local pigeons seem to be incapable of telling the difference between panes of glass and the wide open spaces of thin air through which they fly, I suppose the pigeons as well as the magpies now have a grudge against him. At least the pigeons make a more soothing noise, although I’ve yet to hear them when they get really cross.


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