Sights set

I once saw the above rendered as ‘sites set’ in the blurb for a novel I was considering buying – I must confess it distracted me for a while as I wondered if there was any possible context in which this could be meaningful.

Anyway, I digress (as always). Today my sights are set on using my Easter break to the full. I will start the next novel in my mystery series on Monday. I have actually planned a whole chapter so far. I’m a bit worried that either this will turn out to be the only strong chapter in the novel or it will be completely over-planned and therefore stilted. I’m also worried that after chapter 2, which I have begun to plan, I won’t be able to write any more because my inspiration will have dried up.

Don’t worry, as far as I know writers almost always worry about these things. If it wasn’t that I know I’ve managed to complete at least 50,000 words of first draft in every NaNoWriMo I’ve taken part in, I would be seriously concerned. As it is I’m now afraid I’ve jinxed myself by even thinking this.

My long-range sights may be set on my novel, but before that I need to focus on tonight’s final theatrical performance and on the subsequent need to dismantle everything and remove it from the theatre. Leaving aside the question of whether it’s possible to use long-range and close-range sights at the same time, something I doubt if I will ever get round to researching, what is really worrying is that the move-out involves pouring every last drop of apple juice out of 25 whisky bottles, washing 23 glasses and packing everything away safely along with the fake food (if you ‘paint’ ordinary sandwiches with PVA they keep for a long time, perhaps for ever, but don’t let anyone try and eat one by mistake) and various other props. We have now used a notepad and pencil at least once in almost every production since 2007; we’ve unexpectedly used the fake ham I made in the same year 3 or 4 times; we now have a ‘wedding cake’ to add to our gourmet selection.

During a few well-earned days away from work I’ve noticed Jacques is now so obsessed with catching birds that he actually jumped up in readiness when a helicopter flew over the garden one day. Although he is fearless and doesn’t seem to acknowledge any limits, I think this might be a bit much for him.

cat on roof

Jacques on the conservatory roof



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