It’s spring, it’s Saturday so it must be raining.

I think the best that can be said for the weather is that at least it isn’t snowing today. However, just as I was beginning to have a vague inkling of an unformed idea that I might feel like doing a bit of gardening at some time during the next few months, my garden is in the process of being reduced to a muddy wasteland by torrential rain. Even Jacques, hyperactive by cat standards (he sleeps for only 18 hours a day instead of the more standard 23.5), has reduced his activity level so that he stands by the door, squeaks for me to open it, dashes out to hide under a trolley that stands in the garden about 2 metres from the house, sits there for 5 minutes and then glares at me until I open the door so that he can dash in again.

We did have snowfall earlier in the week (see picture below left, taken from my office window). I just hope it will all be over by Easter/my birthday, whichever comes first. Actually, I know Easter comes first this year. Sometimes the two coincide, which means only one lot of chocolate!

Every so often I tell myself I should focus on planning my April novel, ‘The Queen of Scots Mystery’, but like most of these thoughtful activities the planning actually happens by stealth while you’re not paying attention. If you drag the ideas out into the daylight before they’re ready, it could stunt the plotting and writing process. Glancing at the plans sideways occasionally, I can see that some new elements are starting to appear in the plot. I think sometimes they are derived from reports I’ve half-absorbed from the television news or things that happened in the office a while ago. They aren’t usually major events such as the election of a new Pope or the latest government fiasco, and I hope by the time I’ve written about them they won’t be recognisable as real events. The process of mixing half-remembered events into a fictional piece of writing seems to happen automatically, almost as if I were breaking eggs and mixing them into a cake with the other ingredients. (cue seamless link to picture of Comic Relief bake-off below right)



Snow and sunshine

Snow and sunshine


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