The creative urge

I’ve finished planning and organising for now – I have to start creating again. I’ve signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo in April and I am at the thinking things over stage for the 6th novel in my mystery series. This is the closest I will get to outlining. There will be very little written down – a few pages that look as if a cat has been playing with a ball of wool, with lots of crossing out and lines connecting sentences to other half-sentences, some of these encircled and some randomly scattered about, dotted lines, arrows and curly brackets I will never again understand the significance of, a word that looks at first glance like ‘Lion’ standing out in the middle of one page and something else written sideways because it doesn’t quite fit. The main achievement so far has been to work out the theme of this novel. Sometimes a theme doesn’t appear until I’ve almost finished – sometimes even afterwards, with hindsight – but my favourite of the series so far had a theme right from the start, so that’s why I’ve tried so hard this time.

Apart from all that: it’s raining today so I don’t have to feel guilty about not going for a walk and not doing anything in the garden. I must admit that the approach of spring has made me want to go and do some gardening, but there is quite a wide gulf between the idea and any related action. I suppose I could do some housework instead. But because I’m in a sort of early creative phase, I can really only think about housework and not actually do it. Especially as I’ve seen the first small spider of spring cavorting in the cupboard where I keep the tea and coffee. I am slightly worried that if I leave him/her long enough he or she will grow into the first colossal spider of early summer and have to be expelled from the house with a lot of screaming and fuss. But it does seem uncharitable to put anything outside in this weather.

Tomorrow I will play with playdough again to try and improve on my first attempt at a stage pie – another creative pursuit – before going out for a Mother’s Day lunch.


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