A Planning and Organising Weekend

Contrary to what some people who know me might imagine, planning and organising are both skills that come naturally to me. In a previous existence I used to design databases and nowadays I spend quite a lot of time at work making sure things are standardised, labelled and documented, organising meetings and training sessions, and working out where projects should go next. I think it’s partly because of this that I hardly ever pause to take a long look at my writing projects and to see if I’ve forgotten anything in this area of my life. And I’m not even going to mention domestic planning and organisation – that’s gone completely out the window, as anyone who has read previous posts already knows*.

Anyway, this weekend is officially set aside for tidying up some writing loose ends. When I say ‘set aside’ this is a looser term than it seems, as this morning I also have to do the weekly food shop which I was too tired to do yesterday evening, and I ‘have to’ go to the theatre this afternoon, in the sense that I’ve had the ticket for months and the friend I go with is expecting me there. Oh yes, and there are a couple of theatrical props waiting to be worked on. Apart from that, it will be wall to wall writing-related organisation and planning.

To my surprise, I even have a ‘to-do’ list for the weekend, and it is even written down in a notebook. I’ve already made a start by reviewing some of my novel descriptions on Amazon and updating two, with a view to adding more to another that seems a bit sketchy at the moment; I plan to add a couple of books to Smashwords (an activity which may or may not have driven me insane by the end of the weekend because of the stringent formatting requirements – though I do understand it’s all for my own good) and update a couple of my printed versions with a view to releasing one of them on Amazon too. I’ve also been mulling over the idea of changing some prices (groan). Yes, it’s all quite boring compared to the ideas for novels that are currently churning up and down in the washing-machine of my mind until they emerge, clean, fresh and ready to use!

* I have had fleeting moments of organising things in the house though:

Kitchen cupboard

In the kitchen


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