Two book covers at once – double the ‘fun’

Having once had one of my book covers featured on a ‘terrible book covers’ site*, I suppose I should be wary of continuing to design my own covers, but sadly I am one of these contrary people who will always do what they think other people don’t want them to do. As it happens, the novel with the terrible cover has been doing rather well lately, and I noticed it the other day in the good company of Sherlock Holmes and Father Brown, near the top of the ‘British Detectives’ category on Amazon UK.

I was slightly surprised to find myself almost ready to publish two novels at the same time but that is the situation this week. I didn’t think I’d been doing enough work on either of them to be anywhere near publication. One is a historical fantasy which I’ve been working on for several years – it’s had at least four different titles in that time and some huge changes to the plot, but the main thing preventing me from publishing it was the fact that I had decided it needed a map. My procrastination on this front has now been sabotaged – as things so often are – by our IT department at work who have coincidentally given me a copy of some software which, among other tasks, can be persuaded to create maps. This isn’t the kind of map I had originally envisaged with dragons and wolves and curly edges, but it does give an idea of what the terrain covered in the story is like, and that will have to do at this point.

The other novel is my 2012 NaNoWriMo creation, which was unexpectedly quick to edit. If I didn’t know better, I might convince myself I am getting less bad at writing as I write more. I’m not entirely sure that the same applies to covers, but in a heroic effort to avoid some kitchen de-cluttering operations that are taking place, I have worked tirelessly on my two cover designs and at the end of this post you will get an exclusive preview of the results.

The two novels have three things in common. They are both by me (thought under two different names); they are both sort of historical, if you count the 1950s as historical time which I believe they officially are; and, more weirdly, the Stone of Destiny plays a part in both.

*that isn’t what it was called – I’ve expunged the real name of the site from my memory and made something up – which is what fiction writers do, of course.

Song of Vanora

Song of Vanora

The Lion and Unicorn Quest
The Lion and Unicorn Quest



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