The third wish?

Inspired by spending around nine hours at the theatre yesterday and having to sit through two whole performances of ‘Aladdin’ from behind the scenes, I began to wonder what I would ask for if a genie should suddenly pop up from somewhere – we don’t have any old oil lamps in the house so it might have to be from one of the tasteful modern wall-lights in the conservatory – and grant me three wishes.

As a parent and a citizen of the world. naturally my first thoughts were of the health and happiness of my offspring and my second thoughts were of world peace and prosperity. Then I heartlessly decided other people would have to take care of  both of these. I would use the wishes on things I wanted for myself. Leaving aside the fervent wish for the pantomime season to be over so that things can return to normal, and the almost equally heartfelt wish for the weather to improve, both of which will probably happen at some point without any genie-led intervention required, I was slightly at a loss.

I can think of two main things that would make a huge difference, although they may seem trivial to anyone reading this. One is to get someone else to do my housework, but preferably by magic during the night while I was asleep so that I didn’t have to interact with them, and possibly also the heavier gardening tasks such as chopping down trees and heaving paving stones around – though I used to be able to do these things when I was only a bit younger.

The second wish would be for me to have enough writing success to be able to give up my day job. Even cutting it down to part-time would do for now. I suppose in a sense that doesn’t require a genie-led intervention either, but more work on my part! Unless I got the genie to concentrate on publicity and marketing while I did the actual writing… Hmm, there’s a thought.

I’m slightly stuck with the third wish. Most of the things I can think of are too large and/or unfeasible for a mere genie to cope with – I wish the weather in Edinburgh were more like that in Barcelona, for instance – or too small and insignificant to bother about, such as wishing someone would give me the perfect handbag / perfume / bath oil for Christmas.  Please let me know if you have any ideas!


























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