All my deadlines arrive at once

Not long ago I had to complete a Myers-Briggs personality inventory at work, as part of a management training programme. Apart from ensuring I was conversant with management-speak and able to talk entirely in clichés for up to five minutes at a time, the main result of this training was that I found out that not only did I work better if there was a deadline but I couldn’t complete tasks at all unless there was a deadline. This even explained the desk piled with papers and the house full of unfinished projects – and the fact that I could never write a complete novel until I discovered NaNoWriMo.

This weekend I feel as if all my deadlines have collided. I’ve sort of almost finished several tasks, some connected with Christmas and some not. I’ve bought Christmas cards and written half of them. I’ve bought presents for the tiny children in the family but I haven’t wrapped them up or posted them. I’ve made a list of presents I want to order online but haven’t actually ordered them yet. Theoretically I don’t even need to order them yet as there is still plenty of time until the last delivery date before Christmas. We are almost there with the pantomime props but we still have to move them into the theatre, something which is scheduled for tomorrow.

My mind has been trying hard to distract me from all of it by helpfully providing ideas for how to improve my November novel. I may not be able to resist much longer but I must at least get my Christmas cards posted before I open the Word file again.

Naturally I’ve arranged to do something else today that doesn’t involve finishing all the above. Instead I will be found having lunch at a very nice café in Portobello followed by a stroll along the promenade there.


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