My post-NaNoWriMo schedule

Life should theoretically get back to normal after the end of November, but if you’ve been reading this blog for a little while you will understand that my definition of ‘normal’ is probably different from that of most people. In theory I should attack my housework backlog, sort out neglected paperwork, plan for Christmas by shopping and writing and sending cards. Eventually I will do some of these things. But the excitement of getting through NaNoWriMo hasn’t quite worn off yet, and I have revived a long-postponed plan to publish a collection of short stories, which I hope will appear before Christmas. Ideally they should appear by the 21st of December, since two of them have an Apocalyptic theme.

The socks sign is now finished but we still have a few things to do before we’re satisfied with all the pantomime props. Unfortunately this year’s show has a market-place scene. We all dread market-place scenes as they almost always involve having lots of stuff on the stage, some of which will be stacked on one of the barrows. These barrows are reminiscent of supermarket trolleys in the sense that the wheels have a mind of their own and are resistant to human control, but they are not at all similar in the sense that they don’t have bars on the sides to keep things in place, so it’s the worst of both worlds.

As well as the market-place scene there is a treasure cave scene, another of these settings much loved by pantomime script-writers and hated by props teams. But there is a ray of hope here: it isn’t long since the last time we had to cope with a treasure cave scene, so we still have most of the things we sprayed gold and silver for that show, and all we have to do is to excavate them from the props store-room.

A final thought before I venture out into the cold in an epic quest for wooden clothes-pegs (not the peg-doll kind but the ones that trap your fingers in a metal spring): I’ve been writing a few 100 word stories in odd moments, mainly to contribute to the very useful Indie Book Bargains newsletter at which advertises the pick of free and cheap ebooks in the UK every day. I thought I would include one here to illustrate the idea. Please note that the final line enters the realms of fantasy.

The Target

 I squinted along the line of my arm at the little group, preparing to take aim at one of them. Not the weakest – where was the fun in that? – but the strongest, the leader.

Everything was still. A droplet of sweat began to form between my eyebrows. I willed it not to trickle down my nose and spoil the moment.

It was up to me now. The whole world had paused, waiting for me to make my move.

I raised the baton and pointed it at my chosen target.

And all the violas came in, perfectly in time.


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