The weekend after the lost week

Last week was always going to be a bit different, and it lived up to its advance publicity. I spent the first two days at a conference which, unusually, was held at Edinburgh Conference Centre so in a sense we were the hosts. I found this was quite a good position to be in. I knew quite a few people there so I didn’t spend any time at all standing on my own and wondering if people would think I was weird because I wasn’t talking to anyone, but I didn’t have to make the effort to talk to any complete strangers to achieve this. Even when I went off to sit in what I thought was a secluded corner at lunch-time I found people I knew approaching me from all angles. I did have to give a presentation as part of this whole thing, but that didn’t really bother me too much except that the auditorium was rather big and intimidating. The following 2 days I spent at home trying to get rid of a throat infection, then on Friday I had to venture out at last to take my car for its MOT test, so I thought I might as well go to work while I was at it. We spent most of the day trying to finalise the arrangements for a meeting we’re hosting tomorrow, which will be a bit like deja vu except that this is on a much smaller scale and I have to give a presentation about something completely different!

What with all this going on, I imagined I might fall behind a bit in my NaNoWriMo novel but that isn’t the case. It’s trundling along more or less as scheduled. It is much harder going than my Pitkirtly mysteries and I haven’t re-read to see if it makes sense yet, but I have almost reached the crisis point in the plot and I think once I get past this it will become a little easier. There are a couple of things worrying me particularly with this novel: one is the familiar feeling when writing about the past that I haven’t done the right research, and the other is that I’ve spent too long building up to the main event and people will be bored with it long before anything much happens. But all that will become painfully obvious when I start editing!

I now have to try and fit in a little light housework this morning and then an exciting trip to the recycling centre. I didn’t think I would be able to go there this weekend as my car needed a new front axle and I didn’t think I would get it back until Monday, but they repaired it with amazing speed and insisted on showing me the old damaged one so that I was suitably grateful it hadn’t actually given way under me as I was driving around, and didn’t complain about the humungous cost of the repairs.

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