Power of three

I don’t very often write three blog posts in one weekend, but for some reason I’ve already updated my other two blogs (see right hand panel) in the past couple of days. I think probably the number of blog posts I write is in inverse proportion to my level of activity. This weekend is the lull before the storm in several ways. Or perhaps the eye of the hurricane, but I have a feeling I’ve used all these meteorological metaphors before. Anyway, I’ve made the most of the quiet spell by spending a lot of the time asleep. I’m still convinced that human beings must have been hibernating animals at one time.

The approach of NaNoWriMo and the pantomime props-making season, coinciding as they always do, form a couple of large storm clouds on the horizon. As usual the prop-making thing has started quite quietly, with people scoping out Chinese lanterns on ebay and working out how to print signs in fonts that look weirdly Chinese but aren’t; it will undoubtedly flare up into a huge conflagration around November 21st with a month to go until opening night, when the props team will reach breaking point when asked to provide real Chinese food to replace the noodles made of strands of wool they’ve been working on for weeks.

I’ve been making good progress with my research for NaNoWriMo, although as often happens with novels set in the past, I haven’t necessarily researched the right things and when it comes to the point of writing I will spend ages online trying to find out whether the night sleeper from Inverness came into Euston or King’s Cross in the 1950s, and whether everything closed down for Christmas or not. I have made only slight progress with the map I’m drawing for my historical novel. There is a lot of procrastination involved here, and I do wonder if I’m trying to put off the evil moment when I hit ‘publish’. This novel is so different from my others that publishing it is a bit of a step in the dark.

As I write, I’m trying to think of somewhere nice to go for a walk today. Last weekend’s trip to Linlithgow Loch was an excellent way of removing me from the computer screen for a few hours, and I know from the experience of other weekends that I can easily spend all day checking Facebook, Twitter and the online news sites if I am left to my own devices.

Linlithgow Palace and loch

Linlithgow Palace and loch

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