The cat-feeder conundrum

Yes, I know the title sounds like an American cozy [sic] mystery.

The problem is that I’ve got myself into a situation where I need to clean the house before going away for the weekend. I do usually make some desultory efforts to clean things up on Sundays – it used to be Saturdays until I found I was too tired that day after the stresses and strains of a working week – but I don’t usually like to wear myself out on housework before going away. It’s only now that I’ve realised why I was being so indecisive about recruiting a cat-feeder for the weekend. On the plus side, the cats will definitely get fed at regular intervals and will not therefore have gone feral by the time I get back; on the other hand I can’t possibly let the cat-feeder experience the full horror of the uncleaned house. Also, my other cat-feeder has given up cat-feeding and gone to work at the vet school so I’ve had to find a new one who isn’t entirely aware of what she has let herself in for.

We are leaving someone in the house who should in theory be capable of feeding the cats, but previous experience has shown that he tends to panic about the responsibilities involved, and become so ill that he can’t get out of bed. [no, he isn’t a teenager]

It seems like a lot of fuss over a weekend away. I haven’t even shared the story of how we arrived at the point of deciding to go to Dunoon for the weekend in the first place: that would take much too long.

In other news, I’m now at the stage of designing a cover for my latest mystery novel ‘Frozen in Crime’, which will be revealed in due course; I paid my first dollar cheque from Amazon into the bank on Tuesday – it took so long you would think they had never heard of US dollars before, which seems odd for bank staff; I’ve collected almost enough odd socks for the pantomime; and the weather has gone from summer to autumn here almost overnight.


2 responses to “The cat-feeder conundrum

  1. Hello Sheila

    I just came across your Amazon review of Steve Robinsons’s To The Grave and wanted to ask if you’d be willing to review my novel The Vault – a mystery/thriller published in aid of the disaster relief charity ShelterBox.

    The reason for approaching you is that I’ve been looking at what other books are bought by people who purchase The Vault and To The Grave is one of them.

    The Vault is only available as on Kindle at present – I’m hoping to bring out a hardcopy later this year. I’d be delighted to email you a copy in MOBI (Kindle) format or other formats if this is of interest.

    I’ve already got a few reviews of The Vault but would really like more. I’ve also got a blog at if you’re interested in finding out any more about me and my books.

    I hope this is of interest. If not, sorry for adding this comment to your post!

    Regards, Huw Thomas

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