At last I feel the benefit

The benefit of having been on holiday has been slow to arrive but at last, this weekend I’ve managed to complete the elusive second-to-last chapter of ‘Frozen in Crime’ and make a good start on the final one. It did take a whole day of doing almost nothing yesterday to force me to get round to it. I even had the shopping delivered from Tesco’s instead of having to do it the old-fashioned way and walk round the shop myself. This was good for my writing but not so good for the family’s health as I managed to order 6 packets of biscuits and no vegetables. The cats, however, are enjoying the ‘gourmet blend’ food I accidentally added to the selection.

I wouldn’t have thought of having the shopping delivered if the car hadn’t decided to go wrong on Friday, so I suppose I should be grateful for that and not grumble too much about the cost of any repairs when I finally summon up the mental strength to take it into the garage. It’s really my fault it has gone wrong, since I was only thinking earlier in the week how well it was going and fondly imagining that the fault which causes it to need new spark plugs every 3 months has at last been cured. Unfortunately when it thinks it needs new spark plugs it likes to alarm me by flashing up an ‘engine failure’ message on the dashboard instead of just gradually getting more and more difficult to start as old-fashioned cars would have done. The worst example of this kind of thing was when I took it out for the first time after a spell of extremely cold weather and a ‘brakes failure’ message flashed up soon after I started up. I think a more realistic message might have been ‘Oh, so she expects me to carry on as normal after being left out in the cold for three weeks, does she? We’ll see about that.’ But I’m not sure that the dashboard display can handle anything as subtle as that.

Today I’m determined to go out somewhere nice for a while and get myself in the mood for the end of the final chapter, which is quite festive in its own way. If I don’t finish it today I will probably have to wait until Wednesday to write more because I have a committee meeting on Monday evening and a pantomime props get-together on Tuesday. I can’t believe we’re plunging into pantomime props so soon after the end of the Fringe.  But at least there is more of a fun element with all things related to pantomime. Instead of providing boring old cups of tea and Edwardian style table-cloths, we will be making signs with old socks, spray-painting everything gold and silver (one of my favourite tasks) and trying to source Chinese fabric.


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