Rain, rain all the way

I am now officially on holiday so naturally the forecast is for a week of rain. But I’m not daunted: after the so-called summer we’ve had, my skin has been thoroughly tested for its waterproof qualities. In any case we have planned our own writers’ retreat in a caravan and will only step outside the door in dire emergency or to get our next food takeaway.

The main problem with going away from home, apart from the feeding of the cats now that our favourite cat feeder has gone to look after exotic animals at the vet school, is that I need to gather up all my electronic equipment and make sure it’s charged up so that I can read my Kindle or listen to my mp3 player or make a phone call on the way. This is more of a problem if we’re travelling by train obviously, since I find there is usually some sort of obstacle between me and the power socket on a train, whether it’s a large person or a large person’s luggage or even just my reluctance to reach over someone to plug in my phone. Because I will be driving this time, opportunities to use my phone, Kindle, netbook etc on the way will be slightly limited, but I’m sure the first thing that will happen when we get to the caravan will be the ceremonial switching on of all the equipment.

I can’t yet divulge where we’re going since I have branded the holiday as a mystery tour to make it more interesting. But it isn’t too far to drive and I am almost sure we can get there without travelling on any motorways, or at least we can if the tiny roads shown on Google maps actually exist. My Fiat Panda and I don’t like being loomed over by lorries and buses and people-carriers while we’re on our way to a holiday destination.

In other news, the two Fringe shows I helped with have now almost finished. I feel sorry to have seen our production of ‘Sparkleshark’ for what must surely be the last time. We’ve been working with it for almost a year, which is much longer than we spend on most shows, and it has been to the one-act play competition and now to the Fringe. I worked out that I’ve seen it seven times in all, which includes viewing two rehearsals and two performances from the wings during the competition. I always enjoy it even although I almost know the entire script – or at least, I would know it if I didn’t have such a terrible memory for detail.

During the week I intend to finish my two edits, which have dragged on a bit, and write a short story. I wonder if it will all get done. Tune in at the end of the week for an update!


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