Almost forgot – new short story

Due to be published early next week, the new anthology from the team that brought you ‘Hearts and Arrows’ is called ‘Summer Shorts’ and includes a short story by me (as Cecilia Peartree -NOT part of my mystery series). The Kindle book is allegedly a compilation of summer holiday stories. I must warn you however that one or two of them are extremely dark. My story, entitled ‘Holiday from Hell’, is actually one of the milder ones – but overall it’s a good mixture of entertaining short stories from various writers.

I had almost forgotten writing this story as I wrote it earlier this year in between doing other things – so don’t worry, this hasn’t distracted me from the two novels I’ve worked on recently, except insofar as it’s always quite exciting being involved in a new publication.

The anthology will have a few free days early on in its life, so I will alert you to these when they come along. In the mean-time here’s a sneak preview of the cover design.


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