a cunning plan – or is it?

In a cunning plan to outwit myself and get back to editing, I’ve started to design possible covers for ‘Song of Vanora’ (set partly in the present day and partly in 14th century Scotland, with possible Dark Age overtones).

My thinking is that I will be inspired by picturing what the finished book will look like, and will rush back to the keyboard to make those last vital changes that will enable it to escape into the wild. Is it working? Well, it could be just another of the delaying tactics I am so expert at, along with pruning shrubs, reading the IKEA catalogue and washing out old glass jars ready for recycling. The jury is still out. In the meantime, here’s the trial cover.

Song of Vanora cover attempt 1


2 responses to “a cunning plan – or is it?

  1. That cover’s pretty obscure, but I just have to say that anything you write, under whichever of your noms de plume, You are on my number 1 list for reading. I’ve loved every novel you’ve published. Thank you for writing. I’m a happy reader. Cheers! Peggy from Baltimore, MD, USA.

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