and another thing… and another…

I got up much too early this morning because of being freaked out by a nightmare in which I was being held hostage at a swimming-pool by someone I know from a local committee, who was threatening either to shoot me or at least to destroy my mobile phone – it was the second of these threats that made me wake up in a panic, and I was afraid to go back to sleep again in case things got even worse – no, not my Kindle too!

Because of getting up too early, I read the BBC news website avidly, and two items of news jumped out at me. One was a feature about how difficult it is to get a parcel delivered nowadays. This struck a chord with me: I’ve recently become involved in a battle with the parcel force service. They are reluctant to try and re-deliver a parcel to our house after failing to do so once – maybe they’ve realised we have three rather scary cats on the premises – but have taken it to a Post Office for us to collect. Not to the nearest Post Office, needless to say, but to another one apparently selected at random. I’ve pointed out to them that asking us to collect it from there doesn’t actually constitute a delivery service, but so far they’re unmoved. I’ll let you know if I make it back from my trek through the floods tomorrow to retrieve it. This hasn’t quite reached the point where I contact Amazon and tell them they can have it back, as once happened when their chosen so-called delivery company took a parcel to Livingston (approximately 20 miles away) and would only re-deliver on a week-day while I was at work, but I won’t be at all surprised to find the Post Office have returned it to sender by the time I eventually struggle along there.

And while I have my ‘Mrs Angry of a leafy suburb of Edinburgh’ hat on, I feel I must comment on another article on the BBC website which highlighted a survey just out about schools in England failing the brightest children. This really makes me want to jump up and down, which I shouldn’t attempt with my hip and knee problems, and shout something like ‘yes, it happens in Scotland too, only much worse!’ See also my recent rant about Scottish schools on my pretentiously named Sheila Perry predicts Scotland’s future blog (link at right-hand side).

And another thing, when is the sky going to brighten up? Not only have we had the central heating on right through June, but it looks as if we’re going to have the lights on all through July. If I’d known we were due to get this bad a summer I would have gone to France last week instead of Llandudno!

There will be writing news later, as soon as I get over my indignation about everything.



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