things to look forward to

June is a month with quite a few things to look forward to, and in fact I’m more or less enjoying it as we go along too.

I’ve been writing a lot – the novel I’ve started as part of Camp NaNoWriMo now has over 17,000 words in it, with the only downside being that I feel permanently cold because it is set in the middle of a very cold winter. Yesterday I felt I had to show some compassion for my characters, who have been battling snowdrifts for about eight chapters, so I brought some of them indoors. Once they’re sitting by a roaring log fire I may start to feel warmer again too! Because of the weather, my plan to write somewhere different every day hasn’t exactly worked out yet, and the only places I’ve written in apart from my conservatory have been the garden bench (twice), Starbuck’s at the west end of Princes Street (who knew it would be it so busy on a Tuesday afternoon?) and my desk at work.

Work is busy and I’ve been very tired at the end of most days, but we’re moving forward with most of our projects after a spell when everything seemed to be stuck in a rut. One of my colleagues and I are presenting a paper at a conference at the end of this month, which is scary but fun, and this week we arranged to make a short movie as part of the presentation. It was interesting to see professional film-makers from Beyond Studios at work. They did things quite differently from the way we had imagined, while still carrying out our instructions. Because my sons are involved in this company I will add the link to their fund-raising campaign here but feel free to ignore it (although you’ll miss out if you do as it is very entertaining):

Every other person I know has a really bad cold at the moment, probably because of the weather changing its mind every day about what it will do. Today it hasn’t even made up its mind, and the sky is full of rain-clouds interspersed with patches of blue, and I’m sure the sun came out for a moment just now, although that might be wishful thinking on my part. The weather also now seems a little warmer here, although again that could be an illusion because I’ve just mentioned the roaring fire which my characters are hoping for.




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