being more positive

I’ve suddenly realised that my blog posts are mostly about how frenetic my life is, as if I never sit down and mindlessly watch television for hours on end or even just sit staring up at the sky through the glass roof of the conservatory. Actually I don’t watch all that much television – in recent weeks the only things I’ve watched apart from a couple of old movie repeats have been ‘The Apprentice’, ‘Castle’ and a new history programme with Michael Wood, something like the history of the British people  – but it isn’t always because I’m doing something more useful or even more interesting. I do read a lot, and even more so since I got my own Kindle and can download ebooks instantly instead of making the effort to go to the library or the nearest book-shop to get another one. Our nearest book-shop is a bus ride away so there is a bit of effort involved.

I had a busy working week and yesterday (Saturday) was also ridiculously hectic because I had to help with the burger stall at our local fair. Helping with a burger stall is among my least favourite activities, not just because I’m vegetarian but also because I hate interacting with burger stall customers and although not bad at arithmetic generally, I tend to lose my grip on it under these pressured circumstances. I did try to stay in the background, but because I also can’t lift anything at the moment that wasn’t terribly useful either! On the other hand, working on the stall does tend to bring out the best in the people from our organisation so it’s nice to see that.

Of course I was keen to put those efforts behind me and get on with my latest mystery novel, which I’ve decided to write during Camp NaNoWriMo. As a gesture to the summer camp theme I’ve decided to try and write in some different places. So far I’ve only ventured as far as the garden bench, which is now closer to the house than it was before Scottish Power started rearranging things. But if the weather gets warmer again – as I write this I’m wearing two jumpers and have the central heating and an electric heater on – I may spread my wings and go further afield.

The burger stall

The burger stall, ready for customers


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