premonition of dyeing

Yes, I will spend part of this weekend dyeing. Once again we have a bed on the set for our next theatre group show, and this time we need a lilac bedspread. So I’m up early today to give me time to go to Hobbycraft – a tortuous journey involving two buses weaving their way through Edinburgh’s tram works* – and get hold of some lilac dye, and then I might have time to throw the bedspread in the washing machine before I head off to the Zoo in the afternoon in an unrelated plan.

*for my views about the tram works please see my other blog, the pretentiously named ‘Sheila Perry predicts Scotland’s future’.

I’m still not as hard-done-by as my work colleague who has volunteered to spend the entire weekend stencilling the set with small lilac flowers to look as if it’s wallpapered, but that’s another story.

As I write this there is a lot of very annoying magpie noise going on in the garden and on the roof. There were two magpies earlier in the year and now there are four, so it looks as if the original really annoying magpies may have reproduced, despite the best efforts of Jacques, who has been chasing them up and down the big tree for months now.  Although I can’t actually see him at the moment I have a feeling all this noise has something to do with him…  I’ve just been out to have a closer look – it’s a lovely day out there after 2 days of torrential rain in Edinburgh – and can confirm that there are now 2 junior magpies. Photo at end of this post.

I have all sorts of writing plans in my head, and I hope to get some short stories out of the way by the end of May so that I can start a new novel in June for Camp NaNoWriMo. But I might have to leave that until July or even August as there is a lot of work stuff getting in the way. Work all week, dyeing all weekend – it’s no way to live.

Two young magpies looking very small on the roof!




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