chilling out

I’m not very good at chilling out but I’m determined to try, and have booked a whole week and a day off work to further this aim. Incidents such as the porridge fiasco, as well as the fact that I accidentally glimpsed a scene from one of these awful de-cluttering programmes on tv in which someone with a perfectly reasonable collection of old copies of the Radio Times was being bullied into throwing them all out, have combined to convince me I need a rest. In the latter case, it’s the fact that my guard was down enough to glimpse the scene that I find alarming: usually I am quick enough with the remote control to avoid these.

Not that I have a collection of old copies of the Radio Times, I hasten to add: in my case it’s all Writing Magazines and Let’s Knit. Not that I ever have time to knit, of course.

The week and day of chilling out hasn’t got off to a good start so far. Yesterday, as well as visiting a friend at the other side of town, I found myself rushing around to get copies of the youth centre newsletter printed – something I had forgotten I had to do until Thursday evening – and changing my mind several times about going out to the gigantic craft shop for extra craft supplies – I had also forgotten I had to run a crafts workshop. All this is in aid of the youth centre Open Day, which is today. I had fondly imagined it was only for a couple of hours in the morning, but if you include setting up time it seems to take almost a whole day. My main aim will be to stay at the end of the building furthest away from the kitchen, where burgers are to be cooked all day in a hideous production line.

I’m trying not to let next week fill up with pointless activities as I woke up this morning with some ideas for short stories. I know from experience that ideas aren’t too hard to come by; it’s the writing that’s the hard part, and I need to concentrate on that while I’m not at work. Not on rushing around trying to get hold of a Moses basket for our next theatre group show, or getting the oven fixed (though that would be good too), or de-cluttering the conservatory (ditto). These other things will just have to fit round the writing and not vice versa.


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