the magic starts to work again

I was rather sceptical about my chances of making progress with my historical novel (current title ‘Song of Vanora’) but having a self-imposed target is really working wonders, and I’ve written almost a whole new chapter this week. Once I’ve finished with the completely new part, my next task will be to go through the existing text and try to work out what more I can give a character to do – she appears early on in the book but vanishes after about chapter 6 and is never seen again. I also have to work out whether I can merge two other characters into one, among other writerly things.

Meanwhile, in other news, a work colleague made the most fantastic cake which we started eating today – 4 layers, soft chocolate icing, pieces of home-made Crunchie type thing on the top. When I say we started eating it, there was a huge piece for everyone in our department and we still had half the cake left over to demolish on Monday. If I hadn’t been in training sessions all day, I might have managed it, but one of the people at the training session had brought scones so I had to eat one of these too out of politeness!

This weekend, as well as being the centenary of the sinking of the ‘Titanic’ it’s my birthday, although not quite my centenary. To celebrate (apart from having cake and going to see ‘The Pirates’ in 3D) I have arranged to make my sci-fi novel ‘The Mountain and the Flood’ available as a free download again. So snap it up if you missed out on it last time! Here’s the link (UK  site).


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