Writing frenzy

April is Script Frenzy month and I’ve unwisely promised to be present at Sunday afternoon write-ins run by a local writing group, in case anyone new turns up. I have no intention of writing a script this month – been there, done that – but I do have a series of self-imposed tasks to complete during April instead. In case I get bored, there’s a slightly different one every week. I’m choosing to use this month to try and complete some things that have been hanging over me for a while.

This morning I can report I’ve almost finished with this week’s task which was to wrestle my 2011 NaNoWriMo (mystery) novel into submission and publish it. Although the edits had been pending for a while and I had been putting off actually doing them because of other stuff (see my March series of increasingly frantic posts in this blog), once I worked at them methodically for a few sessions, I got them done easily. I suppose there’s a lesson in this about procrastination, but sadly I probably won’t learn from it.

Yesterday I fed it into the Smashwords epublishing process, this morning I got up early and added it to my Kindle portfolio, and later today I will format it for Lulu so that I can get hold of some printed copies to terrorise friends and family with.

Next week I will move on to my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel, which I hope to edit into some sort of shape by the end of the week. This is more problematic as there may be some extra chapters to write and I am not altogether sure whether to add more Arthurian legend to the mix, leave the level of legend more or less as it is, or remove all reference to it. Maybe when I re-read the novel I’ll be able to work it out.Image


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