March is the weirdest month

And so I continue to lurch through the month, casting aside half-edited novels and leaving rooms strewn with half-read newspapers and piles of post I haven’t had time to read. Today was the day I was meant to catch up on all that before plunging into the turmoil of another working week, again with the added complication of a performance by my theatre group at the end of it.

However, today I am exhausted (again) after a week in which the first few days were spent lying in a heap fighting off some sort of bug, and the next few days rushing around London in an attempt to fit in as many work-related meetings as possible in the shortest time while still remaining sane enough to write coherent notes.

Even worse than all the above is that instead of using my 2 nights in hotels to finish editing my latest mystery novel, I frittered them away sleeping, and on the train back from London I mentally re-wrote the third chapter from the end, which sadly means I have more work to do on it than I had imagined.

At the end of the second London day the team and I badly needed sustenance.cup-cake and scone


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