This past week I’ve just been surviving: spending most days at work and every evening at the theatre. I’ve reached the stage where I just trudge to and fro, not really thinking about anything except when I can justify eating another doughnut, or why the traffic lights have stopped working at the busy road junction near my place of employment.

Quite unexpectedly ‘ve found myself not just longing for the week to be over so that I can get back to the pattern of activities that passes for normality in my life, but longing to have time to write. This is because I’m a contrary person and if I do actually have time to write I’m always finding alternative things to do. It takes a week of hyper-activity in all other areas of my life to inspire me like this. I did manage to snatch a few moments to update my writing plan for the year. This is not, as the word ‘plan’ suggests, a fully automated set of tasks and targets created in Microsoft Project, but a list written in quite a scruffy fashion in a notebook that’s now falling apart because I’ve been carrying it around everywhere with me. This morning I’ve rashly ordered a new mobile phone, one of the newfangled variety that automatically updates Facebook for you, makes the tea and cleans the kitchen (I hope), so I may be able to use that to update my note-taking technique. However for someone who works with computers I am oddly resistant to the charms of mobile phones, so I don’t really expect to cast aside the scruffy notebook any time soon.

Even more contrarily, I’ve started thinking about my next quirky mystery novel before I’ve finished editing the current one. I may have to write it in July or August instead of waiting until November as I had planned. Watch this space for more information. I’ve definitely set aside April to work on my historical novel (most recent title ‘Song of Vanora’ – this may change several times before I’ve finished).

And finally, because my mind has been roaming freely while I’ve been engaged in all the above mundane tasks, I think I might update my blog theme this weekend. I apologise in advance if all the content disappears in transit!


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