The eye of the storm

I’ve just realised there has been something quite Churchillian about my blog post headings lately. Must try and tone it down a little: after all, my daily life is not actually a struggle between good and evil, although it seems like that occasionally.

This evening and tomorrow (Saturday) I am in the eye of the storm, when I have a short respite from both set painting and work, and choose for myself what to do, which may turn out to involve some sort of doughnut-fuelled writing frenzy or, more likely, a spell of lolling around in front of the television bemoaning the fact that there are never any good programmes on at the weekend.

The decorating of the set has been particularly fraught this time and it isn’t even quite finished yet, since the director of the show has now asked for a border to be painted on at picture rail height once we get to the theatre. Also I have lost some bits of wood that our resident joiner removed from a door, saying we would need them later for something or other. As my knowledge of joinery could be written on the back of a stamp and still leave room for the complete works of Shakespeare, I have no idea why we will need them later, but I’m sure I’ll get into terrible trouble if they don’t appear at the theatre.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is the last time I agree to being production manager!

In terms of procrastination, this is all good. I’ve also thought of another cunning plan to put off my final edits for ‘Death at the Happiness Club’: after this week at work I think I may want to retire soon, so I need to dig out my last pension statement and try to work out if it’s remotely possible.

I could also spend some time working on my speech for the local youth centre AGM, which is approaching even faster than I imagined it would. This was intended to be a stepping-down-with-regret kind of speech but sadly I doubt if it will turn out like that! Anyway, I owe a lot to the committee: I would probably have never written ‘Crime in the Community’ without all that experience of different people’s idiosyncracies and interactions. I just wish it didn’t all take up so much time!


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