End in sight

I don’t know why this should be the case, but I often find that everything I’m doing in my spare time has the same or a very similar deadline. This weekend, for instance, not content with panicking about the set for our next theatre show, which has to be finished by Tuesday to give it time to dry before being stacked up ready to move into the theatre the following Sunday, I am also becoming over-anxious about completing the edits for ‘Death at the Happiness Club’. This is despite the fact that the deadline for the latter is self-imposed, so I don’t actually have to choose to finish it by the 11th of March. It would make a lot more sense not even to try, but to leave it until things are generally quieter.

Actually, it isn’t quite true that I don’t know why this should be the case. I’m afraid it’s caused by a personality trait of mine which was identified recently by a consultant who came into my workplace to discuss my results on the Myers Briggs personality test. Apparently I can only finish things if I can see the deadline looming up in front of me like a gigantic wave ready to break. If I don’t have deadlines for things, they just never get done. This explains a lot, including the fact that I can’t bring myself to de-clutter the house, and the fact that there is paperwork from past unfinished projects piled high on my desk. When I was much younger I even had a whole cupboard in my bedroom where I kept unfinished stories. Now, of course, they just live in files on my hard disc or, to be more accurate, on the hard discs of long-dead computers.

March is going to be a busy month, and I don’t think there will be time to walk at Culross or eat in the Biscuit Cafe (even if the Forth Road Bridge holds together, which sounds a little bit problematic at the moment!). So I’m happy to report that I did both these things last weekend.


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