Inching closer

We didn’t get much time to bask in the glory of our ‘Sparkleshark’ triumph (see previous post) like basking, um, sharks, because it was immediately time to get on with the set for the next show. It is progressing quite slowly because the only people who seem to have time to paint the flats are the ones who aren’t strong enough to lift them on to the trestles for painting. I just hope we’ve allowed enough time to finish.

Yesterday I wasted time trying to find the right tea-set for my theatre group show, only to discover when I got it home not only that it consisted of cups and plates but no saucers, but also that I needed 6 cups and it only had 5 – something that was only evident when I read the play script in detail: it turns out that the 6th cup is a vital piece of evidence.

Another thing that’s inching gradually forward is the editing process for ‘Death at the Happiness Club’, the next novel in my quirky mystery series. This morning I decided I wouldn’t get any further with fine-tuning until I entered the next phase by ordering a printed copy from Lulu. Sometimes it’s only when I see the thing looking like an actual book that I can motivate myself to work through it in the kind of detail that’s needed. So I hastily reformatted the text, uploaded it, made a more or less random cover choice and ordered a copy. I find I have to be careful about doing this too soon, since it can encourage me to think the words are set in stone and it’s no use making drastic changes, but I’m hoping I have a bit of distance from it by now.

Later today I’m going to Culross for lunch so I will take my camera in the hope of finding something I can use for the cover picture. Not that Culross is actually Pitkirtly, except insofar as it is in a similar position on the Fife coast, but I always find myself inspired by going there anyway.


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