It’s nice to be on a winning team once in a while so I really enjoyed seeing the director of our production of ‘Sparkleshark’ accept two awards last night at the one act play festival (see also previous post). It was particularly good for the props team to hear the set being praised and to know that our efforts in collecting sweetie wrappers, old newspapers and crisp packets had not been in vain! We also managed to get through to the next round of the competition so the whole thing will have to be done all over again at the end of March.

I suppose in some ways the whole idea of theatre productions competing against each other is rather silly, just as I always find literary prizes a bit pointless. It’s hard to accept that there can possibly be objective criteria for judging these things, since people’s tastes vary such a lot. There are technical issues, of course, but I don’t think winning the Booker prize really depends on a writer’s use of commas or whether there’s a typo on page 157. In both cases the main criterion is probably something fuzzy, such as whether the writer or director brought the whole thing to life. In the case of ‘Sparkleshark’ this was definitely a factor.


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