A Three Cat Night

I wasn’t sure why there were three cats on my bed until I got up this morning and saw the words ‘Met Office issues snow warning’ on the front page of the BBC news website. I quite often have two cats on the bed, one at my head and one at my feet, but when I woke up in the night I found the third one had sneaked in between my feet and the other cat. Sometimes when there are three of them, one will lie across my legs so that when I wake up I think for a moment I’ve become paralysed in the night, but on this occasion I had just been pushed over to the edge of the mattress.

It’s a lovely day so far with sunshine and blue skies. The wind is slightly chillier than I would like, but it’s a sort of bracing day when ideally I would be walking along a beach or the top of a cliff somewhere by the sea. Of course in real life I’m planning an exciting trip to the library and Sainsbury’s this morning, then to a technical rehearsal this afternoon and a performance of ‘Sparkleshark’ in the Scottish Community Drama Association competition this evening. Last weekend we had to practise setting up the stage in 10 minutes and clearing it in 5. As the props include all sort of odd bits of rubbish (literally) we thought it would be impossible to clear in 5 minutes, but in fact we did it in less than 2. My main contribution to the props this time was to persuade my work colleagues to eat a jar of wrapped sweets and leave the wrappers in the jar – something they turned out to be really good at!





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