the weekend starts…

For once I am not going to complain about the weather here in Edinburgh, because there’s really nothing to say about it. We have missed out on the snow and ice this time round. The day is grey but just about warm enough for me to leave the conservatory door open for a while to let the cats go in and out. As I write this I have just looked up and noticed that one of them, Jacques, isn’t even outdoors but sitting at my son’s bedroom window, surveying the scene. A wall behind our house partly collapsed one day during the week and because Jacques is always very interested in what’s going on, he’s probably watching to see if any more of it falls down. In fact I have unworthy suspicions about the part he played in causing it to collapse! Especially as he’s been putting on weight just lately.

 The past few days have been exciting as we watch our short story collection moving up the ‘free chart’ on Amazon (see previous post).  It’s definitely more fun and less stressful doing this kind of thing as a collaborative venture. The highest position it has reached so far, I think, is no.22 but we’re hoping to get it into the top 20.

Later today I’ll be going out to the theatre, and tomorrow I have to go to my theatre group to make sure I’m conversant with the way the set and props are organised for ‘Sparkleshark’, our entry in the local one-act play competition which takes place next weekend at St Serf’s Church in Edinburgh. On the one hand it would be nice to do well, on the other hand we have to do it all over again in the next round if we win! ‘Sparkleshark’ is a lovely one-act play and very enjoyable for everyone.

We’re also currently working on an Agatha Christie show, and one of my tasks for the weekend is to recruit set painters. The usual argument  heated discussion has taken place about the choice of paint, but of course no-one is ever quite sure what it will look like until it’s built in the theatre, by which time it’s too late to do anything very much about it.


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