Back to the fifties

At some point I usually regret writing a novel set in the past – witness my historical novel; written in 2008 for NaNoWriMo, it has had at least three changes of title, varying amounts of Arthurian legend added and subtracted in the form of prologues, extra scenes, expanded scenes where Merlin is represented by a large dog that looks like a wolf… One day it could escape into the wild, so beware.

Somewhere in the middle of writing my short story ‘A Romantic Quest’, now available as part of the ‘Hearts and Arrows’ anthology just published on Amazon (go to and have a look – it’s worth it just to admire the cover), I wondered if I had made a huge mistake in writing about the 1950s. Although I must admit to having experienced the 1950s at first hand, I found there were lots of everyday things I didn’t know about that period. When did most lifts/elevators stop having these heavy iron gates you had to pull across by hand? What sort of art was exhibited? And (perhaps most important of all) when did ice-cream come back into circulation after being banned in wartime Britain?

Note: the Hearts and Arrows anthology contains a variety of romantic stories by various writers,  so it isn’t all my own work.  It will be available free on promotion for the next few days as a pre-Valentine’s Day treat – make sure you check the price to make sure it is indeed free, since Amazon’s timings for starting the promotion may vary slightly.

Link  to the book on


2 responses to “Back to the fifties

    • HI Margaret,
      According to my information it should go free some time today (9th Feb) on both Amazon sites (someone else has published it so I can’t tell exactly when).
      Thanks for checking! Will add link to
      Sheila (Cecilia)

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