Through new eyes

OK, I don’t really have new eyes – just new glasses. I’m quite impressed with myself for realising the varifocals didn’t work properly for reading, so this time I’ve got one pair of glasses for driving, computer work and easy reading, ie in good light with reasonable print size, and another pair (pink with little flowers but not too much like Dame Edna Everage) for computer work and all kinds of reading but not for driving. Of course the danger is that one of these days I will be driving along the main road towards work and wondering why everything looks so blurry, but I hope to avoid that by using my superhuman power of concentration while getting ready to go out in the morning. I’ll let you know how that goes, if I survive!

A wet and breezy morning in Edinburgh is turning into a sunny day with a blue sky. One of the cats is darting in and out, but another has still not forgotten that there were a few flakes of snow on Thursday and he hasn’t risked going out much since then. If I had time today I would go over to the Zoo for its Chinese weekend, but I’m actually going out to dinner – or possibly a late late lunch – this afternoon with my writers’ group, a spin-off from NaNoWriMo. I was at the Zoo last weekend and noticed they now have a Chinese arch near the Giant Panda enclosure. Presumably they’re holding this Chinese weekend to make the pandas feel at home. A joke that has circulated round Scotland is that there are now more Giant Pandas here than Conservative MPs.

The red folder mentioned in my previous post is now more or less full of my scribblings, and I really should have started to apply changes to my Word file by now. As usual I’m finding it harder to get motivated to do editing than to write the original novel. I can’t even complete the final part of the re-plotting until I’ve worked some of the changes into the earlier part of the novel. So this is the weekend when I am determined to make some headway with it. In self-defence I should say that I’ve been distracted by activities in my theatre group, where two plays are production at once. Just as well I’ve got over that stressful first week back at my day job! I’m even starting to think about summer holidays – but that’s another story.



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