Back into the groove, or is it a rut?

I can’t really summarise my first week back at work, but at least I survived it. The worst part was finding out how quickly I got cross with someone who sent me an annoying email. I had hoped to reduce my stress levels this year! But apparently that’s not going to happen. Of course some would say that deciding to get cross with people is under my own control and I shouldn’t let annoying people get to me, but I think objectively some people are just more annoying than others and there isn’t anything to be done about it.

I can now report, for the benefit of anyone who has been worrying about the loose roof tile, that a builder sneaked round one day and fixed it while I was at work. Actually today is the first time I’ve seen it in daylight since it was mended. It doesn’t look very different but at least we can now sit in the conservatory without worrying that the slightest breeze will result in disaster. It’s quite chilly out here today, as my son has decided the heater is about to explode so we haven’t been using it. But I can always put on another cardigan, as we Scots are trained to do almost from birth.

I’m taking with me everywhere a red folder which contains the latest printed copy of ‘Death at the Happiness Club’ – already the text has almost disappeared under all the annotations. In some ways I find this reassuring. The basic story is still there somewhere but now I’ve started to tidy up people’s timelines, fill in some of the gaping plot holes and make sure people have motivations for everything they do. Sometimes I’ve known the solutions to these problems all along and just haven’t spelled them out for other people who don’t live inside my head to understand, but more often than not I have to work them out at this stage. After that I have to weave them into the novel, tucking in the loose ends so that it looks as if they have always been there.


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