Where has all the time gone?

sunrise with trees

Sunrise in Edinburgh

Nearly time to go back to work. How can I possibly have had 2 1/2 weeks away from it? It seems like no time at all since I had the final meeting of 2011 and skipped off gaily into the sunset without a care in the world.

The weather is now cold and calm, which is good news for us as we now have a large roof tile hanging over the conservatory roof like the sword of Damocles, and we are still waiting for a builder to come and secure it under what is laughingly known as ‘home emergency cover’. We had a lovely red sunrise yesterday which seemed ominous, but the day that followed wasn’t at all dramatic.

It’s been hard to get round to writing, probably because the days are so shapeless and I can easily while away a few hours in the morning sitting at my computer [stern editor’s note: so that’s where the time has gone!], do a little light housework, have some lunch, read a book, pop out to the shops etc. I often dream of retiring and being able to write all day, but of course that wouldn’t happen. However, I have forced myself to re-visit November’s NaNoWriMo novel and to try and sort out a few anomalies. When I write as fast as I did in November, timescales go out the window, and I lose track of details such as whether I’ve given someone a last name in a previous novel in the series, or how many times someone has been married. At the moment I’m wrestling with the fact that someone has to be at the murder scene at a certain time even though he or she is seen rushing towards it about fifteen minutes later – does he/she go away and come back again, and if so, why? was he/she never there in the first place? why did he/she go there anyway?


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