pausing for breath

I’ve got a ‘day off” today – I’m already on holiday from work, but I’ve been helping to look after props at a pantomime, except on Christmas Day itself, and today is a day off for me. Not for the cast, however – I’m so glad I’ve never had any wish to cavort in the chorus! By the way, it’s still on until the 31st, with evening performances tonight, tomorrow and Friday and a final matinee on Saturday – ‘Mother Goose’ at the Churchill Theatre, Edinburgh.
What will I do with my day off? Well, I must confess to having the urge to go on a gadget-buying spree today. The gadgets in question (with one exception) aren’t very exciting: a new printer to replace one that the cat has played with once too often; a new DVD player to replace two others that have never worked at all – I think if I make this purchase it will definitely be the triumph of hope over experience; a new kettle to replace one that is about to expire. The exception is an HTC phone that has caught my eye in a newspaper advert. I am not very good with mobile phones, or in fact with phones in general, so I don’t know why I think this one would be any better than the rest. My existing phone is probably quite adequate for my needs, in the sense that it still works and after only five or so years, I’m starting to get the hang of how to use it! And I even switch it on occasionally.
I haven’t felt guilty about not writing for the past few days since as well as celebrating Christmas and spending hours on end at the theatre, I’ve been fighting off a cold, which has mainly meant living on Lemsip and Ribena. Today I may manage to do a little light editing!
I mustn’t forget to mention here that my dystopian novel set in the Scotland of the not-too-distant future, ‘The Mountain and the Flood’ will be available from Amazon as a free download for Kindle from tomorrow (29th December) until the 2nd of January, to coincide with Hogmanay celebrations here.


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