beginning to look a bit like Christmas…

Today’s the first day I’ve had both the time and the energy to put up my Christmas cards – I only got round to opening them and reading the enclosed letters on Wednesday. When I did, I suddenly felt glad I had kept in touch with everyone for so many years, instead of cutting them off my list as I felt like doing a few weeks ago!
I suppose I must have been a lot more tired than I thought I was, and also I’ve at last caught the communal cold that everyone else has already had. Obviously it was only waiting to attack until I started to relax.
I have a packed schedule for the next week or so as I will be at the theatre helping with ‘Mother Goose’ props on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, the 27th and probably 2 more days next week. On Sunday (Christmas Day) we are going out to a Chinese buffet for lunch. We’ve done this before and it definitely minimises the stress of the day by reducing the scope for arguments, people martyring themselves by over-working in the kitchen etc.
I hope to find time for some editing and re-writing during my holiday from work. There are several candidates for being edited, and I am suddenly quite tempted to have another go at ‘Song of Vanora’, my historical/time travel novel with traces of Arthurian legend. I also have ‘Death at the Happiness Club’, the latest in my mystery series, and ‘A Romantic Quest’, my Valentine story, sitting in my editing queue.
And finally (for now) an early warning that I have scheduled 5 free days for my Scottish sci-fi novel ‘The Mountain and the Flood’ on Amazon Kindle from 29th Devember to fit in with Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations, but of course I won’t be able to resist mentioning that again later.


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