party on down

A lovely day in Edinburgh first thing this morning, if a little breezy – but the breeze is now a background thing that we hardly notice any more. The very large tree that is unnervingly close to the conservatory is still standing so far (touch wood). I want to keep it as I think it shelters the house from the worst of the weather, but I suppose I’ll have to get it trimmed back a bit in the spring.
This past week has been a funny one, and rounding it off today with the NaNoWrImo TGIO party is only fitting. Earlier in the week the strike and march by public sector workers was more like a family reunion for us heritage sector staff, with people recognising long lost colleagues and catching up with them as we marched. I was introduced to someone I only know as ‘Mr Gorilla Suit’ because my son has borrowed a gorilla suit from him a couple of times via a friend. We stood outside Holyrood for a while talking about possible uses for a gorilla suit. It was that kind of occasion.
The following morning I was at the opening of the Portrait Gallery, also a friendly and relaxed occasion with music and balloons.
In case I didn’t have enough to do this week I decided to release into the wild the novel I wrote in the summer which is set in the south of France and should give anyone who reads it a welcome break from the Scottish winter!


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