breezy Saturday

NaNoWriMo winner 2011
The conservatory door is banging in the wind as I write – we are due for a breezy or perhaps even stormy Saturday here in Edinburgh. But not quite as cold as it was this time last year – I remember coming out of a Sunday NaNoWriMo 2010 session and taking pictures of Edinburgh Castle in the snow.
I’ve written ‘The End’ on my ‘Death at the Happiness Club’ file and had it validated on the NaNoWrIMo site (just over 54000 words so far). I am still in the middle of an extra chapter somewhere in the novel but once that’s finished I will leave this novel untouched until I get an irresistible urge to edit! In my experience that can take somewhere between two days and four years. Getting the urge to edit, I mean, not actually doing the work.
That leaves me free to concentrate on the public sector strike next week, in which I will be playing a small part. I only felt lukewarm about it until I saw the procession of government ministers on television condemning it – that’s how contrary I am. I hope we get good weather for marching!
Despite having three cats we’ve had a slight mouse situation in our house this past week. I’ve only seen the mouse, when it ran across my foot in the morning, hotly pursued by a cat who then completely lost interest in it. But every so often Jacques, the youngest and most lethal cat, takes apart a pile of books or sits for ages by some cardboard boxes, and we know he must have seen it again. I think it must be either the bravest or silliest mouse for miles around!

[edited to add: my son found the mouse dead in the hall when he came in last night – the usual suspect is once again implicated!]


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