the chill draught of reality?

We’ve now suddenly reached the time of year when the draught that comes in at the conservatory door isn’t so much a pleasant way of keeping your feet cool as a serious hypothermia risk. The trouble is that the alternative to having the door open is to keep jumping up and down to let the cats in and out – particularly Jacques, whose personal best is probably something like going in and out ten times in ten minutes.



NaNoWriMo is well under way now and I’ve written just over 14,000 words since Tuesday. It certainly helped having the first two days of the week off work as I almost reached 5,000 words on the first day of November, which is unusual for me. I haven’t yet hit the wall, which would probably result in some inspired lunacy (or at least that’s how I see it – not sure about the ‘inspired’ part though – ‘desperate’ could be a better adjective here).

Apart from the joy of creating a new novel, the other positive aspect of NaNoWriMo is that it helps to keep my internet use under control, and I can see that if I devoted as many hours to writing every month instead of vaguely planning another holiday, or reading random posts in assorted internet forums, or clicking ‘like’ on Facebook, I would have produced as many books as Agatha Christie did by now. Or would I? It might be the case that I would then have written down all the stories that are in my head, and there would be nothing more to write. Or would more stories then rush in to fill the space as if I had dug a hole on the beach and the incoming tide had filled it up again. I’m not sure that’s a good analogy but I should really be keeping my best analogies for my novels!


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