Wild weekend

Of course the title of this post refers not to what I’ll be doing over this weekend, but to the weather here in Edinburgh today, which is looking rather stormy after a glowing start. It’s the kind of weather that makes me alternately glad to have a tall conifer sheltering the back of the house and panicky about the thought of it falling right through the conservatory roof one day. I can’t even leave the door open for the cats as I like to do, because it keeps blowing to and fro on its hinges.

After a working week filled with even more meetings than usual, I’ve decided to take next Monday and Tuesday off. I don’t want to go into NaNoWriMo completely shattered and stressed out: I’ll save that for the end of November. Because I had to eat sugary snacks throughout the day on Friday to keep myself awake, I have naturally received a random email from the 1 million women cancer study this morning asking me to fill in a diet questionnaire about what I ate! These emails only happen at times of maximum stress and never when I’ve only eaten fruit and lentils all day.  

Tasks awaiting my attention this weekend include: assembling a new computer table which was delivered during the week; reviewing a special Hallowe’en short story I’ve written and deciding whether it’s fit to see the light of day or not; doing a final final proof-read of ‘Murder in the Midi’; attending the Edinburgh NaNo group kick-off party.

If I do decide to rush through the Hallowe’en short story, I will publish it on my Cecilia Peartree blog later today or tomorrow.


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