post-hotel syndrome

I seem to be suffering an unexpected after-effect from my stay in the hotel last weekend, which is an irresistible urge to clean and de-clutter the house. This is quite uncharacteristic and will probably pass in time if I ignore it, but I think it’s mainly because my room in the hotel was so big and uncluttered that I enjoyed the space there.

This urge was so strong that when a Cub and his mother came to the door earlier this week asking for jumble sale donations, I gave them a gold dress and a reindeer toy which had been sitting on a shelf for several years waiting for me to do something with them! One small step… Now I’m wondering what else I can give away / throw out.

This doesn’t appear to have any connection with my writing – I seem to be able to write quite happily amid the clutter. In some ways it probably makes me feel more secure. I’ve even been considering which books I can donate to a charity shop. Books! You can never have too many of them! What am I thinking?

It may have something to do with the fact that winter is definitely now on its way, and I have a primeval instinct to prepare my nest for hibernation. Or perhaps there is something else I don’t want to do, and de-cluttering is in this case a form of procrastination.  No matter what the reason, this is a very good day to stay indoors and do housework – rain on the conservatory roof, a cold breeze from the open door swirling round my bare feet, cats unwilling to stay out for too long at a time.


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